Nava's story...

June 06, 2016


Here is the story behind this before-after shot I took of this beautiful mother and baby:


"For 32 weeks everything was great until that day when I walked out of the hospital shocked and numb of hearing about the possibility of giving birth to a problematic baby . They told me that she had stopped adding weight for a while and the size of her head is less than it should be.That wasn't a good sign at all. I was told I might have to do an early cesarean and they can't tell if the baby is healthy until she is born. I was in hospital almost every day after that. Stress was an inseparable part of my life for six weeks!  But the only thing I was sure about was that any circumstances my baby will have, I'd be in love with her forever. 

February 28 was the most memorable  moment of my life when my daughter was born from her head side, healthy and beautiful  . Now I am the proudest mum of having my daughter "Nava" beside me.  "


This beautiful mum had tough time during her pregnancy period and I was inspired by how she helped herself to stay positive and pass those hard days with power, hope and endless love for her daughter.

So we both thought sharing it might bring some hope for those who might be desperate and hopeless in similar situations.

Little Nava is almost 3 months old now.